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Chris Benfield

I am influenced by many comedians.however my first and most inspirational would be Red Skelton, Don Knotts and Lucille Ball the true clowns of comedy! I am impressed by the talent pool I have been exposed to, many comedians that are famous as well as though I have toured with in clubs. There is not enough room to name them all, however my Dad's personality is what developed my love for making people laugh!!!

The Almost Amazing Al Yountz

Mr. Marvel's Magic Show / Balloon'Amals

I perform weekly in Restaurants, Formal banquets, and Birthday parties for all ages.
** Magic and Balloons ** Very Entertaining! **
Most of the Balloon creations I provide are 2 to 3 balloons. 
Penguin, Parrot, Motorcycle, Pirate Sword, Dinosaur, Pony, Alien, Dolphin, Butterfly, Hats, Flowers, Kitty, Mermaid, 
*Tent and festive signs can be provided.

** Mr. Marvel's Magic Show is a great Kids Comedy Magic Show with lots of audience interaction.

*Balloons and Magic!
I can also perform a few Magic routines between Balloon twisting if you like ...
Visit Mr. Marvel's Magic Show on Facebook.
Thank you,
Chris / Mr. Marvel

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